MEAN … Why do certain people have to be so mean? Why do Mean People steal from our future by destroying the very planet they will soon die on? Why do Mean People think they own the land just because they can trade some stolen money, the steal the resources that are under the land they bought? Do Mean People own just the surface of the land or everything above and below it?

Do Mean People own the air, sky, fresh water and oceans, or do the sky, air and waters belong to everyone? Who owns the sun, wind and rain, and the power that comes with it? If everyone owns the sky, air and waters why do mean people get to destroy these spaces now, and for the future in which they will dead? Who votes to let Mean People destroy our children’s home? Why do Mean People want more and more money then sit in their big buildings watching their neighbors fight for food, shelter, medicine and dignity?

Why do Mean People use debt and sickness to get rich then do very little to help those they are profiting from? Why do Mean people work at jobs, some that are called civil service, then steal time or materials from their employers, or the taxpayers that pay their salary? Why do Mean People run for political office only to exploit the very money and future that they have been entrusted to be stewards of? Why do Mean people steal from their neighbors by destroying local economies so they can buy more expensive food and experiences for themselves?

Why do Good Honest People put up Mean People, allowing this to go on and on, by supporting these Mean People with their purchases and votes? I like waking up in the middle of the night and writing down dreams. Good night moon. It’s 3:48 A.M. EST.

Today I will ponder life again, staying six feet away from people to do my part to protect somebody from something nobody really understands. Good Honest People are the light on the right path.

Copyright© 4/24/2020 by David Carr, MA., All Rights reserved.



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David Carr, M.A/M.F.T.

David Carr, M.A/M.F.T.


Author of “4015 Days”&“Virtual Immersion Drowns Holistic Development”, Wetlands Commissioner, Environmentalist, Systemic Counselor, REALTOR since 1996